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8 responses

20 04 2007

nice website you got here. just keep updating on info and stuff, and ill be here all the time

21 05 2007
FJ aka Sypo

Where do you get your source and information?

U r like the new online Vibe & Source Magazine.

Dope stuff

31 05 2007

Nice site! Very Informative

21 08 2007

hey there.. would you happen to have anymore avenged sevenfold pictures you could send to the email posted with? thank you.

20 09 2007
Vinny Tang

Hey man, i finally found what i was looking for!
I’m from Melbourne Australia, and I’m heading down to Singapore towards the end of the year for a couple of weeks. I’m a tablist, a sneaker head AND listen extenstively to hip hop. I’ve been trying to find other cats like me over in Singapore so when I head over there I got some peoples to meet up with and have a skratch jam and shit, and I thought all hope was lost until I stumbled onto your site.
No shit you seriously need to hit me up on my email bro, vincent@acclaimmag.com


10 12 2007
miss m

awesome blog!

i cant believe i let this one slip me by… i’ve been slacking….

be well


27 01 2008
DJ Esquire

Great Blog!! Always look forward to the updates. Keep up the great work!

2007 Gong US Champion

2 02 2008
DJ Ole

your site is the PIFF

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