Kanye West – Glow in the Dark Tour ~ Live in Singapore 2008 ~ Pinocchio Story

25 11 2008

This is the exclusive freestyle in Singapore, requested by Beyoncé Knowles, which is included by Kanye West in his new album “808s & Heartbreak”.

A very suprise inclusive but nontheless captured by SKRATCHTV & DJ Quiz/VJ-Skratch.

I decided to upload this the same day I purchase 808 & Heartbreak. I hope Kanye links this to his blog. hahah and pardon all the crazy Kanye West fans screaming their asses out.


Recorded in High Definition Quality on a Spazz Cam by VJ-Skratch aka SkratchTV (Singapore).


Review: Lil Wayne ~ The Carter 3

29 07 2008

If the power of speculation and suggestion works hand in hand together for a project, you would have a successful career like Lil Wayne. The self -proclaimed “GREATEST RAPPER ALIVE” has his image plastered out in whatever magazine available on the market from Blender, Vibe, Source, XXL and the most important one of them all, Rolling Stones.
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New Mixtape Release: Prodigy, DJ J-rocc, Uncle Murda, Curren$y

6 04 2008

Prodigy of Mobb Deep
DJ J-Rocc
Uncle Murda

New Mixtape Release: Fabolous, Kanye West, Snoop Dog & Joe Budden

27 02 2008

Snoop Dog
Snoop Dog’s Unreleased HeatRocks

Joe Budden
Joe Budden’s Mood Muzik 3

G-unit’s Bodysnatchers

Kanye West
Kanye West’s Glow in the Dark Mixtape promo before his tour

Agallah of Dipset

Fabolous with DJ Drama

Fly Society

Terry Kennedy’s Rap Artist off Fly Socity label

Mixtape Review: Lil Kim ~ Ms GOAT

26 02 2008

Lil Kim
Easily mixtape of the year hands down. Amidst all the label drama and prison bid, the Queen still spit verses like these:

im hungry and dese streets aint feeding me//
cause yall niggas with that food starting 2 be greedy//
but its cool nigga cause im a fucking king//
and imma hav u niggas addicted 2 my style like dope and kurt cobain//
see just call my flow suicidal cause that shit blows ya brain//
yall should be called 360 they way yall niggas live with dese games//
see all my life my backs been against tha wall//
so is nothin new 2 me if yall pick me 2 be da underdog//
but imma throw jabs and hooks like my name sug

With rhymes like these how can you count the Queen Bee out?

Hip-Hop New Release: Wyclef Jean, Wu-Tang Clan, J-Dilla & Beanie Sigel

27 11 2007

Wu-Tang Clan
Wyclef Jean
DJ Drama
Beanie Sigel

Mixtape New Release: Killa Cam ~ Public Enemy Number 1 & DJ Drama

10 11 2007

DJ Drama
Killa Cam