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We are into:

-Event Coverage
-Video Editorial

We operate a DJ School wit Rane Serato Scratch Live. Holla at us more once we revamp our site.

Editor’s Note
Articles being written by us is meant to provide edutainment, infotainment as well as education on what is going on in the world of Arts, Design, Hip-Hop and Life.

We would write in a fair capacity despite keeping in view on our own prospective and not to jump on trend’s coat tail or being bias to one’s personal agenda. Any tracks being posted on our site is meant for promotional purpose to have people see the quality of the work before investing their money into the art and craft of the artiste. We are officially endorsed by major music labels such as Warner Music (SG), EMI (SG) & Universal Music (SG) to promote and write about the new releases from their artiste.

As you have notice, we are using a blog style of format and with the help Akismet, we are cutting out spammers advertising their illict services and pollution.

Hope that you would enjoy our writings and support us by attending our events as well as consider our views as a third party observer on a variety of subjects and issues that we see everyday.


The Editor


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