Dawn of the Dead: The Year in Turntablism & DJ BATTLE 2008

31 12 2008

DJ BATTLES are similar to an Air Guitar Contest this year. Seems exciting, alot of WHOO-HA but in reality nothing but gimmicks smoke & mirrors to the general audience.

Is it about skills or P.R skills that Skratch DJs are being judge these days? Or is it how many friends you have on the judging panel?

Judging from the bored patrons and boo-ing from the recent skratch session in Singapore as well as the self-proclaim Platform for DJ Battle & Turntablism, officialy the interest in not there and it is no longer the platform with viral marketing being so easily available & hustle more important.

It is official, DJ BATTLES are DEAD for this year.


Is there any I should take note of? Doubt it.





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