Review: Lil Wayne ~ The Carter 3

29 07 2008

If the power of speculation and suggestion works hand in hand together for a project, you would have a successful career like Lil Wayne. The self -proclaimed “GREATEST RAPPER ALIVE” has his image plastered out in whatever magazine available on the market from Blender, Vibe, Source, XXL and the most important one of them all, Rolling Stones.

With this power alone accompanied with his southern John Lennon swagger, which exemplifies a rock star status accompanied with his drugs, sex, music and controversy, allowed THE CARTER 3 to sell a million on its 1st day of sales eclipsing both Kanye West & 50 Cent’s effort last year and running straight up to the Billboard Album chart and airplay. It is amazing how it sold a million despite an on-going beef where mixtape DJs are rampantly allowing fans to illegally download this album.

Sales don’t lie but truly what makes this album such as stand out? It boils down to a few things. Catchy rhymes, which is a split between sure-fire lyrical and plain nonsensically nursery, and some clever choice of beats which excites the club while at the same time stays in the head of consumers once they listened to it. What is funny is that Lil Wayne’s rhyme, not too deep into metaphors and wordplay and not content driven which comes out of anywhere instantly, makes sense to an average listener..

Examples such as “A Millie”, which have a repetitive hook from Rick Ross, as well as “Lollipop”, with its sing-song style from the recently departed Static Major (Timbaland’s song writer and production crew mate), are catchy songs which now have tons and tons of rappers from Jay-Z, Kanye, Fabolous, The Game and T-Pain freestyling to it as make it their own. The above mentioned singles are currently the most downloaded ring tones and singles as Billboard recently released it Top Ten Ring tones Sales chart.

But this album after a thorough listen is at best average despite the radio singles. Lots songs which are meant for this album were sadly leaked out by the mixtape DJs a month or two prior to its release or simply bootlegged. One of this mixtapes which Lil Wayne is heated and
disputing as we speak is the “The Drought” which carries 80% of the songs which was meant for “The Carter 3″.

While at the same time, some of the beats seemed to be Hot Boys recycled from the 90s for the present. It is interesting to watch Lil Wayne grown from a bit member of Hot Boys to be one of the current taste-makers in Hip-Hop music and Urban entertainment. Concept wise for a Down-South Rapper, Lil Wayne actually exceed some of my expectation when he did “Mr Carter” and “Dr Carter” but went rather corny, even lame, when he tries to do heart-felt love tracks like “Comfortable”, which features Babyface. The icing off the cake for this album is when Fabolous & Juelz Santana came on battle-hungry with “You Ain’t Got Nuthin’” which to me smashes every other track with the exception of “Lollipop” & “A Milli”. Overall an average CD with some stand-out tracks




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