Candles & Flowers for the Myanmar Cyclone Victims

11 05 2008

Putting aside all these online bickering on Hip-Hop and what we should do to improve it, Skratch’s prayers and thoughts would be on some serious matters such as Myanmar’s unfortunate plight which they are currently facing.

After months of political unrest, Myanmar have experienced the wrath of a devastating cyclone which have since inflicted the tragic loss of life (60,000 and counting) at the same time crippling the country’s economics and food supply.

A life lost is a terrible thing in our eyes regardless how imperfect we are as human beings in reality. Put aside your daily activities and remember those that have dead in this terrible incident. Light a candle and say a prayers for them. GOD Bless us all.


Real Talk


Aid Myanmar

On 2 May 2008, Cyclone Nargis battered southern Myanmar, causing massive destruction. To date, 22,000 people have perished, over 41,000 are missing and as many as 1 million people have been left homeless. The Irrawaddy region took the brunt of the storm, with some villages almost totally eradicated and vast rice-growing areas wiped out. The storm uprooted trees, toppled electricity and telephone poles, and burst water pipes, leaving the several million without basic utilities. International aid is starting to trickle in, led by the U.N.’s World Food Program.

While the government is trying to show that it can handle the crisis on its own, ahead of a referendum on the constitution, the international community is clamouring for more access to the military-ruled country, in order to help the victims and carry out relief operations.

The following are some of the organizations and aid agencies involved in the Myanmar relief effort. If you would like to help, please view their websites to find out how you can participate.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Donate via Credit Card

Go to
Indicate you would like your contributions to go to “Myanmar Cyclone Nargis”

World Vision

Donate by Cheque
Make your cheque payable to “World Vision International” and mail to

10 Anson Road
#13-08 International Plaza
Singapore 079903

Donate by Cash
Please visit World Vision Singapore office at

10 Anson Road
#13-08 International Plaza
Singapore 079903

Donate via Internet Banking
DBS Internet Banking
Standard Chartered Internet Banking
Please select World Vision under list of payee

For more information, click here

Donate by ATM Fund Transfer
Donate by doing a ATM fund transfer to
DBS Autosave Account Number: 001-030600-6
Standard Chartered Bank Fusion Account Number: 130-830-6900

For more information, click here



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