Daft Punk X Jazz Mutant Lemur Touchpads

9 04 2008

Daft Punk

Ever since Daft Punk rocked the stage with that furturistic set-up for the Grammy’s with Kanye, alot of people were wondering what is that Star Trekkish system which they have used.

Well look no further, these guys were actually using Jazz Mutant Lemur and as stated in the Jazz Mutant website:

Lemur is a top of the range control surface for audio and media applications, that breaks from the prior art on several grounds. Its major innovation consists in its brilliant modular graphic interface concept and its exclusive multitouch sensor technology. The continiously growing palette of configurable graphic objects enables you to design made-to-measure interfaces by using the free available JazzEditor. This endows the Lemur with the unique and protocol independant capacity to adapt its behavior according to the application you are controlling: sequencers, modular synthesizers, virtual instruments, VJ software, 3D animation tools and light control. ”

In layman terms, a really out-of-this world MPC2000 which is used 2 control and manipulate sound and visual & virtual aesthetics for eye candy.

All I got to say is COOL.

Check out the pics featured below:

Jazz Mutant
Jazz Mutant

More “WOW” pics:

Jazzz mutant
Jazz Mutant
Jazz mutant




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