Maroon 5 – Concert Review

26 03 2008

Maroon 5

Led by ever so appealing Adam Levine, Maroon 5 seduced an 8,000 strong crowd with their brand of soul infused rock. The band went a step further to incorporate elements of blues, old school rock, progressive and even metal, taking obvious cues from the Police and AC/DC. Not surprising, considering their list of dream collaborators include Frank Zappa, Justice and King Diamond.

New drummer Matt Flynn impressed with his impassioned and focused playing, and together with bassist Mickey Madden held down a tight groove. It is just too bad that the Indoor Stadium could not provide the sound quality the band and audience deserved.

Levine’s voice has improved over the years in terms of control, but he was still a little pitchy. Forgiven with one glance of this sexy creature. Levine could move mountains of ladies with the twitch of his pinky. Yet throughout the gig he was dancing, strutting, writhing all over the stage.

As if that’s not enough, he took the time to engage and charm his audience. He flattered us and gently coaxed us to clap for his bandmates, as if he knew we were screaming only for him.

Extending the silent pause of closing song She Will Be Loved, Levine held the audience in arrest as he stood still for a good minute soaking in the attention, appreciating the crowd’s pleasure, and breathing in the glory.

Slick and sexy, we barely noticed their set spanned only one hour. All the more we anticipate their return.

Audrey Fenghuang





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