Kinemat X Hacienda ~ ?uestlove of The Roots – DJ Set @ Hacienda, Singapore

14 03 2008

DJ ?uestlove

Amir Thompson aka ?uestlove of The Roots came out to Hacienda to party rock the crowd with Old School breaks and chart-topping Hip-Hop hits.  Looking weary after his show at the Esplanade, alongside his band The Roots, ?uestlove started his set at 10.30pm and ended well over the stated time only leaving at 3am.

Chop-mixes, blends, exclusive remixes from pop, rock, soul r&b and hip-hop, you named it ?uestlove showcased it as well as covered it.

The crowd was amazing at Hacienda being both vocal in their support as well as getting down and dancing to the groove. Hacienda was packed until ?uestlove’s last tune for the night.  A rare insight indeed because Hacienda is considered a chill-out place filled with expats as well as professionals who wine & dine to relax after a stressful work week.

Enough said, ?uestlove ROCKS. Vids coming out at youtube soon. Another ROCKING event by Kinemat Play Mgmt.






Head Nodders

Maxwell all in the front






DJ console




2 responses

23 08 2008

wow the roots! it gotta be a nice party
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so are u a dj ? im looking for some dj and music producing equipments …
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thank u for your time


23 08 2008

oh i forgot leave u my email


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