Gnarls Barkley: The Odd Couple – Official Review

13 03 2008

Gnarls Barkely

SkratchTV have just receive an advance couple of Gnarls Barkley album, “The Odd Couple”, courtesy of Warner Music. If you have noticed, there have been a serial of promotional campaign where Dangermouse & Cee-Lo have been playing dress-up as Pedro and Napolean Dynamite, Wayne’s World and even Austin Powers.

What I can say is this. BUY THIS & DOWNLOAD THIS LEGALLY. The whole album makes u want to dance at any given point of time. Hot off the leakage of “Run” with a retro-driven theme MTV to accompany it, Gnarls Barkley is carrying on the Brit sound of their 1st album, “St Elsewhere”. Interestingly, the video features dizzying special effects such as hypnotic spirals, and as a result was been banned from airplay in the United States after failing an epilepsy test. This supposed ban already gurantees this album is a sure winner. Upon listening, the whole Austin Power’s party scene suddenly appearing at his crib, would be how I would describe it upon mentally absorbing the album.

I won’t go song-by-song describing the album however I would called it an LSD trip with the general feel and mood of this album. Why so? Because just like licking acid, you would feel at times trippy, moody and suddenly happy. MUST HAVE in your music collection or I-Pod.

Track Listing:

1) “Charity Case” – 3:13
2) “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul” – 3:16
3) “Going On” – 2:55
4) “Run (I’m a Natural Disaster)” – 2:44
5) “Would Be Killer” – 2:24
6) “Open Book” – 3:22
7) “Whatever” – 2:21
8 ) “Surprise” – 3:41
9) “No Time Soon” – 2:56
10) “She Knows” – 2:47
11) “Blind Mary” – 3:26
12) “Neighbors” – 3:06
13) “A Little Better” – 3:07
14) “Lying On Lies” (UK Bonus) – 4:43

Official Release date:

31 March 2008.



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