Skratch for Barack Obama – CHANGE THE WORLD

5 03 2008

With Obama being the next hot candidate for the Presidency, you can’t help but have the usual marketing campaign gimmicks (ala McLovin ID pass). So some internet Nerds/Dweebs came out wit the Obama logo site where you can create you own Obama logos. Check it out at:

Prefix of Site:
We’ve been noticing a trend of people displaying their support for Barack Obama’s Democratic presidential campaign by using his logo as their avatar, or visual representation on the web. We thought, “what can we do to show our support?”

So we created Logobama, a place for you to create your own custom Obama logo and use it wherever you want. As Obama says, “we are the change we have been waiting for.” That’s what Obama is representing… someone who wants all of us to participate in changing the world. And together, we can make this change, one logo at a time.

Skratch’s Obama Logo:


Support Obama .



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