Mixtape Review: Lil Kim ~ Ms GOAT

26 02 2008

Lil Kim
Easily mixtape of the year hands down. Amidst all the label drama and prison bid, the Queen still spit verses like these:

im hungry and dese streets aint feeding me//
cause yall niggas with that food starting 2 be greedy//
but its cool nigga cause im a fucking king//
and imma hav u niggas addicted 2 my style like dope and kurt cobain//
see just call my flow suicidal cause that shit blows ya brain//
yall should be called 360 they way yall niggas live with dese games//
see all my life my backs been against tha wall//
so is nothin new 2 me if yall pick me 2 be da underdog//
but imma throw jabs and hooks like my name sug

With rhymes like these how can you count the Queen Bee out?




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