Event Review: DJ Q-Bert KILLED the Main Dance Floor @ ZOUK

23 12 2007

DJ Q-bert
It is almost a rare occasion when a living legend, who inspired many mix/skratch DJs alike, came out to Singapore and kill the main floor of Zouk with a breakbeat and funk collection as well as killer cuts and insane drumming.

I had the priviledge to film and document most of DJ Q-bert’s showcase footage as I believe it would make a great story both for Skratchtv, DJ Q-bert and also for fans/supporters/people to re-live this magical experience. I must add though, getting permission to meet and film Q-bert was quite a tough chore, I was glad to have approval and permission from Zouk’s Management. So a Big Thank You to Zouk.

DJ set-up
It is a common stereotype that Turntablist can’t rock crowds with skratching & beat-juggling but DJ Q-bert killed that with his westcoast electro classics such as “Egyptian Lover”, Bboy Classic’s “Apache”, killer trick-mixes and a slew of breakbeat collection.

Jiggy Crowd
Bboy Cyphers were breaking out everywhere and most surprisingly and amazingly the R&B/Hip-Hop yuppie crowd stayed throughout Q’s almost 2hour mix/skratch set.

DJ Q-bert was such a crowd killer and he made this night a memorable one to remember. I almost had a freestyle jam session to showcase with him before his set ends but due to time constraint that it had to be cancelled. But I had enough skratch jam session prior to that so I was glad.

There were 2 incidents howveer which made this night a more eventful one for me personally. The 1st one was during Q-bert’s set that this really drunk chinese girl who keep asking me to ask Q-bert to play Soulja Boy & R&B so that she can crank it up. When I told her I can’t do anything about it, she broke down and cry below the DJ console to the embrassment of her friends who were profusely apologizing to me. The 2nd was this chinese SPG who thought that I was DJ Q-bert’s younger brother and was bugging me to “hook her up” with Q-bert. When I told her that I was just a friend and his videographer, she still insisted on “hooking up” until I had to brush her off when I went to the toilet. Alot of people was just eye-balling me and I had quite a number of “daps” & “pounds” from club-goers who said:”Damn, Your brother killed” which lead me to more explaining that I am just his friend.

These few incidents capped off a overall dope night hahah. Thanks for reading

Written By: DJ Quiz




3 responses

8 01 2008

very interesting.
i’m adding in RSS Reader

10 01 2008
Kevin Yeoh

We only got 45 minutes here in KL!

31 01 2008
Dj Music

So he rocked it? Was that what u meant?

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