Exclusive Interview: Le Jad ~ Turntablism Producer

27 11 2007

Le Jad
Nervous Shock
Doll Breaks
Sound Trauma

1) First and foremost, have anyone mention to you that you look very much like Tom Green in glasses?

I must tell you that it’s really CRAZY DOPE. I don’t know who was this guy. OHHHHHHHH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!! My mother must know about it!

2) How old are you?

27 soon.

3) Were you a Battle DJ before?


4) So how did you got into Turntablism and Production?

I met Ordoeuvre years ago. I was just an “electro” DJ. But I was fascinated by scratch and beat juggling. We started to make shows together, I was happy to mix some old hip hop and jazz trip hop instrumentals with him. I miss this past period. For production I don’t remember. It came slowly…

5) Who are your production idols or influences?

So many. I like really some drum’n bass producers at the moment: Noisia, Spor, Phesta, Ewun… And I like Pendulum live. From the past (not very far) there’s so much people, like Dr octagon, Robert Hood, Chris carrier, Dj Krush… I also love big RNB commercial hits. I love classical music and jazz (old and new).

6) Are you a Hip-Hop fan? Because you don’t seem to have Hip-Hop incline sound and you sound direction is more leading to House-Tech?

My sound direction leading to House-Tech??? HUH! That’s only 20% of my production and it’s not really the vocabulary I would use. I’m more into drum’n bass, electro and break core. Hip Hop influenced me a lot. I don’t know this culture really. But I’ve listened so many instrumentals and mixed so much… I listen to all the music I can. What influence me also is metal/black metal.

7) Nu-Rave, do you seen your battlebreaks heading into that direction of sound since it is the in thing?

No. I started making battle sentences 6 years ago. It was already influenced by hard core, electro etc. Now people like to use it in battles.

8 ) Customise records or customise production – Good or Bad? Any comments and feedback?

That’s in a way an important question. Turntablism is coming a lot from hip hop. Now, we can see what happened this year… We still hear some hip hop routines, in the traditionnal way of making a routine. But so many DJs come with customed records.

For me: not bad, not good. If it’s well done, if a customed record is made to express yourself better and to give you more weapons, it’s really nice. I produce customed routines because for me it’s a way to take risks, it’s a way to be creative starting with nothing. But there’s some limits…

Some people don’t know how to produce anything and they start to make a routine with a computer. OK!!! But 99.99% of the time the result is poor and sounds really bad. Vinyl mastering is a science. Production: use it in a battle if it’s better than what you have on records you can find in shops or diggin’ with a lot of time. If a DJ want to grab a vinyl in order to rearrange some existing routines, he must learn about vinyl mastering and really think: will I do better than with diggin’???

Whatever, I don’t want to justify anything, a DJ can win the DMC without customed records like Shiftee, a DJ can rock a party without customed records, a DJ can do the music he wants at the DMC or not at the DMC… There’s no Hip Hop Culture copyrights on turntablism?

I really love turntablism. This is most of my life for 3 years now. And I still watch old school routines, I love to watch old DMC videos. We’ll see with the time and learn with a few years the good way to use customed routines. I’m the first to make not the best things that could be done, but time and work will help.

9) Beef – Alot of people criticise you in regards to producing alot of the DJs’ set in DMC this year? Any comments to that

I’ve Produced for 3 DJs this year only.

I will help more for next year if they are cool dudes and if we enjoy working together. I do my job. If it’s bad, I will lose my job very fast. If it kills creativity, I think I will be hated in a few years. What I really hope: DJs coming and just ask me to help them with mixdowns, arrangements, mastering, EQ/compress, find the good drum kits, make a beat, … And ask me all kind of music. I also don’t hesitate to say what I learned on message boards and I do my best to give advices if I can.

Just a word: Rafik’s show this year wasn’t sounding good at the DMC, and he skipped in the middle. He also didn’t make the show as its best on the stage. Maybe it brings much more hate so… But I LOVE the show and I hope we can make a nice video of it.

10) Hate – Alot attribute you to making Turntablism Euro-Tech House, what do you think about that?

It’s funny. Tech-House is a real particular electro style, and I don’t use it at all in routines. I’ve maybe produced one sort of Tech-House routine only. Maybe I don’t know my hip hop classics, but people who say euro hard style or house gay routines don’t know anything about electro. They bring hate where I just do what I like. And I respect so much their own culture. (and hard style is a particular kind of club-techno, really not far from makina)).

To really answer: I think maybe they can’t like this type of sounds, maybe they hate it. I’m sorry if I don’t make the production for a hip hop funk jazz turntablist winning the DMC… If someone comes I would be pleased to try. Everybody would like to see his culture represented at the top of the competition… But in my opinion, we can try to understand other styles. Nothing is closed.

11) Another questions alot of people wants to know because of you suggestive homoerotic pictures. Are you a homosexual?

I just swear I have a big penis! Hahahah, to be frank, all my pics in homo suggestive positions are merely for promo reasons and for people to take notice of my work despite having a rather unconventional image. I Love bitches and punani to the core.

12) Future projects after Nervous Shock & Sound Trauma in the pipeline?

A lot. I have many scratch/battle/practice tools to be released soon. One with another producer especially for pratice. AND, I will maybe work on a very “old school” battle break.

I aslo work on the production of an album with a band. I have many tracks to be released next year in many styles!

13) How does it feel to live off your music and turntablism?

Quite good. My breaks are currently the top seller around the world for 2 year straight and the leading top seller in France and Europe since the start of 2007. I don’t have to really worry much. All I have to do is worry about the quality of my music and sound. I rarely go out unless it is for leisure and for food or shopping. All my work is done at home. But the money is coming in like crazy. Hhhaha it is quite a blessing to me as they said you reap what you sow, so I am just enjoying the fruits of my hard labour.

14) Last but not least any shoutouts?

I must say big up to Rafik for this year crazy experience. I would like to shout Lorn, Precision, Final, Asian Hawk and all the people who just do or produce for turntablism as they like it with respect. Last but not least, BIGS UP to SkratchTV for leading the Turntablism Movement in Asia and around the World.




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29 11 2007


2 12 2007

DOPE, you know it the truth!

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