King of L.A DJ Battle Results

20 11 2007

King of LA

    Judges for the night:

Dynamics, Step-1, Sleeper, Vajra, and P-Trix


Tek-Threat, Ohm, Moppy, Brett B, Shmeeze, Image, Kut-Kaos

    1st Round 90 sec. prelim:

Top3: Image, Tek-Threat, Shmeeze

    Last 4 DJs battle for the last spot. One round 90sec:

Brett B vs Moppy

Kut-Kaos Vs. Ohm

    Last Round:

Kut-Kaos Vs. Brett B

    Top 4 DJs:

Image, Shmeeze, Tek-Threat, Kut-Kaos

    Semis: 2 Rounds 90sec

Image vs Shmeeze ~ dope battle and good rematch from the L.A. Gong.

Tek-Threat Vs. Kut-Kaos

    Final 3 rounds 90secs:

Image Vs. Kut-Kaos ~ A lot of dissing going on. It was a Dope battle. But in the end. Its was Image taking home the gold. 4 votes to 1.

Source: Turntablist Network



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