Zulu Nation DJ Battle Results 2007

9 11 2007

Zulu Nation

During the Zulu Nation’s Annual celebration of it’s existence they kicked off a weekend full of events with DJ Battle in NYC. Judges included Steve Dee of the X-men, Mark Luv and others. Here is a little info on how the battle went down this past Thursday night. It was posted the Turntablist Network forum by DJ Solo who was the runner up.

A quick rundown of the battle. 6 djs who entered so the prelims were 6 djs head to head and they picked the top 4. 2mins sets each 1 round. then the top 4 battled 2 rounds 2min sets.


Flawless vs. Solo
Both djs advance

Supreme vs. Axis
Winner: Supreme

Teddy King vs. G.I. Joe
Winner: G.I. Joe


Flawless vs. G.I. Joe
Winner: Flawless

Solo vs Supreme
Winner: Solo


Solo vs Flawless
Winner: Flawless

Flawless wins a Rane TTM57, a pair of Gold Ortofons and a DJ package




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