Quote of the Day; Jim Jones of Dipset

29 10 2007


College is a major thing it puts you in a whole different realm if you do it right. Then again you could have four different degrees and be working in a f*ckin McDonalds or something cuz you didnt go about it right. School is not good for everybody, but I do encourage people to get their diploma. At least get that. Sometime college just f*cks people over, its just a waste of time it leaves you in debt and f*cked over. I advise everybody to at least try it if youve got the opportunity, try it. Thats one of your ways out. Even if its four years youll experience so much sh*t and meet so many people from different walks of life It might not be for you, but just the opportunity alone, to travel somewhere else you never know what could happen. Dont be scared to take a chance.”

Jim Jones, Dipset




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