8 Questions with DJ Kodh

3 10 2007


Exclusive interview with, 2X World Skratch Champion, 3X French National Champion and 1X European Champion, DJ Kodh who is happy to give us his precious time for 8 questions:

1) How did you came across Djing and Turntablism?

One of my cats came with a mix-tape one day..i was just woahaw! how the man can mix all that…then i listened to radio show in Paris…and i discovered the all “dj” movement…

2) Who were your inspirations and idols

The Allies and the Scratch perverts+ the isp.. i wanted to battle them and win…my dj crew was my inspiration too..Dj Shone Mogz or Feadz…besides i love music man..so at that time i was listening to a lot of different kind of music…from electro to rock or r’n’b…

3) Who is the toughest dj u battle or the toughest dj u faced?
Troubl’…on the 2nd place Gimiman from Switzerland.lol

4) What do u think about Dj battles now? Because Atrak mentioned DMC & DJ battles as a whole is not the same as last time when he won it and as it was use to be?

Umm interessting question..i think A-Trak is right when he says it changed..to me the all movement changed so did the competion, which is a reflect of the movement.Still
It’s good to have it. It’s a good experience..now if you want to eat, try to find something more with it.

5) Customised Battle breaks, good or bad for the scene?
Well i don’t know..if the scene created it..it means that it have a place…
Every tool can be usefull for the creation.

6) Any project, besides mixtape and battlebreaks, in the pipe line with any acts hiphop or experimental?
I’m the dj for “TRES CORONAS” i produced the last single, wich is played on mtv south america, La calle radio in the us…
Then i’m doing parties in France and outside.

I’m thinking of going back on the scene with some new shit and concepte soon…to be continued

7) Nu rave/electro ed banger stuff, are you a fan of it?

Yeah it’s a good movement, party and bullshit, that’s fun!
My cat Feadz is sign to this label.

8 ) any shout outs or any stuff turntablism need 2 look out for?

Watch my space during this autumn…

firstly watch the exclusive timbaland routine at SkratchTV above ^^ …if you like it just share it

then there’s the re-issu of “Vertigo”, wich will be available at http://www.beatsqueeze.com
indeed since we sold it out..i received a bunch of mails to get the break-beat.

And i’m working on a brand new break beat..i’ll give you more details exclsuively soon! Bigs up to SkratchTv and everyone that have supported me past, present and future. 1




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