Kid Sister

23 08 2007


With Hip-Hop packaged up in a bodybag, many wonder what would be the next thing which grabs the atttention of music listeners.

Look no further, hold and behold from the suburbs (You don’t have to be from the hood to be tough) of Chicago, Illinois, we have the new pop-hop sensation in the form of Kid Sister.

Kid Sister is a 26yr old female club rapper who makes disco raps to rock clubs and crowds of all kind. She first came to my attention with the Atrak (who is also her boyfriend) produced track “Pro Nails” which she uploaded in myspace. Both catchy and witty with her rhymes and Atrak’s 80’s Disco beat, it generated such a buzz on the cyberspace that people and folks from the industry are checking her out despite not having an album released.

And more recently, she was invited to showcase her talents at the SXSW 2007 with support from Atrak as well as her brother J2k’s group Flosstradamus (another act that we all have to look out for).

While we await impatiently for new music from her, viewers, fans and supporters alike can check out her myspace website at and her brother’s group at

Ed’s Notes:
I love both Kid Sister and Flosstradamus’s music and style. Happy, Fun-Loving and Cool. 1





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