Akon – Smack Dat Party Press Conference & Concert in Singapore

17 08 2007

What can be said is that AKON Killed it with his Senegal Band and he was rather entertaining in his press conference.

We had a short round table session with Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam or popularly known as Akon at Marina Mandarin where other established magazine publications, radio stations were conducting their interview and such. But some of the questions which were asked were rather “yawn…..”. Not knocking them though because they are meant to cater to the general public and crowd.

What really brighten up the interview despite being jet-lagged (Akon arrived in Singapore at 7am and was scheduled to fly off at 10am the next morning to Malaysia) was when Akon was asked by yours truelly in regards to his acts, the rumoured “Africa” medallion, his love for sneakers, an up-coming movie project called “Cocaine Cowboys” and as well as future collaborations with artiste from Asian. Some points mentioned is that he is receiving collaboration offers from acts from South East Asia and he is currently going through demos for some of the acts.

Video Interview:

Last but not least he gave a SHOUT OUT to the Skratch team towards the end even though it was rather rushing.

Concert Review:

As mention, AKON killed it. He even stage dived to deliver his message. Accompanying him is his band which reminds me of Bad Brains on a milder note. The crowd was PACKED like a MOFO. We were fortunate to have media backstage passes where we get to watch the concert with the comfort of not being CRASHED nor Sqeezed but still the down point was the camera went flat as well as we have to elbow our way through the other media folks to a have clearer view of the show.
Nonetheless it was a good SMACK DOWNPARTY and we hope other acts would follow suite to bring quality entertainment to the masses.

Don’t take my word for it though. Here is some footage of a concert-goer who recorded his stage-diving antics:




4 responses

21 08 2007

hey fenks for the word-up on Akon’s interview.
good ish.

keep this movement going as we are too.8)


22 08 2007

hey great exclusives!

4 09 2007

i love akon. am craxy about him….i love you AKON

26 01 2008

i love u akon

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