Quote of the Day

26 07 2007


“There are two phrases that kill Hip-Hop and its culture. One phrase is “Gotta get that money, man,” because that means we don’t care how we do it, who we hurt, who we kill, who we destroy. If what we doing as far as music is good or bad, as long as we make a profit.

Another phrase that kills Hip-Hop culture, is “You hatin’ G, stop hatin’ all that hate.” “Hatin'” is a phrase that’s used like communism was used in the ’50s. Like if you say “hatin’,” then that kills everything. Like, “Oh my God, you a hata’, look at Rhyme, he’s a hata’.” Whatever happened to not liking something because it’s not good? You know, if you told Big Daddy Kane and Rakim like, “Yo, I don’t know dawg … I think ‘Check Out My Melody’ could be better than that,” somebody would be like, “No, you hatin’, you hatin’;” and we wouldn’t have the inspiration that we have today. This is for all the readers. Don’t let anybody crush your descent. Descent is what makes people grow. Pressure is what makes people grow. I’m under pressure and you should be under pressure. All these muthafuckas should be under pressure.”





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