Customising & Pressing Dubplates/Vinyl

18 07 2007

Making one off custom records also known as dubplates is a common thing in soundclash dancehall. But when it comes to DJ Battles such as DMC and such, there seems to be alot of debate about it.

Judging from two points of view:

1) Purist Turntablist would feel these are “cheat” records which allows to much convience and making the art of remixing/reworking/beat-juggling lose out flavour thus rendering the death of in existing battle records or music vinyls available at shops and stores.

2) New-Head Turntablist who have been constantly producing their own selected sounds and music feel like they would like to incoporate their own production and create another form of routine to their liking. Pehaps even releasing their own form of battle breaks.

For the past years after witnessing I-Emerge as well as Netik winning DJ Battles using their own customs, there have been a custom debate about custom records giving Turntablists an upperhand in winning DJ Battles.

Writing from a personal observation and prospective, I feel that the Art of Turntablism is evolving. I think a Turntablist with skills would combine both the Purist as well as the New-Head mindset to push this art of Turntablism into higher grounds as well as another level.

We can debate and argue all we want but ultimately I would say that we want the music and artform to grow as well as to evolve. Last but not least give the audiences a good show.

Enjoy the vids on how records are made.




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