Timbaland presents Shock Value

4 07 2007


One of the most prolific producers of this generation, who have constantly invent and reinvent and soundscape of Music genres, is releasing his personal sophmore album after his debut album “Tim’s Bio: Life From da Basement” in 1998.

Da Bassment

In his debut album, Timbo merely tries to present his team of artistes under his stable of Da Bassment Crew at that time, which includes Mad Skillz, Magoo, the late Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, Playa and Ginuwine, while at the same time introducing an up-and-coming radio DJ turned emcee by the name of Ludacris on “Fat Rabbit”.

Reworking of the Spiderman theme for “Here We Come”, just shows the sheer versatlity of the man who used to be Devante Swing of Jodeci’s producing team.

Much focus of the album is on the beats rather than the rhymes. However, there were memorable verses by guest rappers such as Jay-Z on the “Lobster & Scrimp”

Fast forward to 2007, after executive producing and reigniting Justin Timberlake’s and Nelly Furtado’s career off from his Mosely Music Group (MMG) label with a bang, Timbo is set to release his second album “Shock Value” which presents a whole new musical kaledoscope.

In his sophmore album, he continues to redefine popular music according to his own rules collaborating with a slew of artistes from Fallout Boy, The Hives, Elton John (the real Piano Man), 50 cent, Tony Yayo, Paul Wall, Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado while as always introducing his new stable of artistes which he is working on such as Sebastian (who is his younger brother) and Attitude.

In an allhiphop.com interview, he rightfully claims that only he, Dre Dre, Quincy Jones and Teddy Riley are considered the greats in music production while throwing jabs at Scott Storch (a producer who once collaborated with Timbo for Justin Timberlake’s “Cry me a River”).

The only regret as mention by Timbo in so many interviews was that a track which was recorded with Jay-Z didnt make it on time for the final release. This album’s direction is definately not hip-hop oriented but rather more to disco.

There is also a “secret” track which he collaborates with Sri Lanka reggae artist M.I.A which is currently floating along the cyberspace.

Although I have only been able to listen to some of the tracks which includes the braggy “Bounce”, new wave disco “The Way I Are” and the corny but amusing “Bombay”, I am pretty certain it is a mind boggling experience to please all listeners alike, given the diversity of Timbaland’s production skills.




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