Here Comes Troubl: Brik A Breaks

22 06 2007

Fresh out of my mail box is the latest battle breaks sent to me from DJ Troubl of France. As you should have known, Troubl is a 2X World Skratch Champion as well as a 5X National France Champion.

Brik A Breaks is Troubl’s 3rd Battle Break with LaFoundation Battle Tools being his 1st and 2nd.

Upon listening, you got alot of down tempo euro skratch beats to cut to and there is some thumping ass skratch sentence for skratching/beat-juggling.

However, this is quite a technical battle break where one has to really sit down and figure out how to utilize some of its Euro-style of sound into his/her routine unlike the more user-friendly battle break of I-Emerge’s “Audiocide”.

Nontheless, a very dope battle break which I encourage you to get if you style is centered alongside the European Skratch DJs.

~ ED





One response

25 06 2007

Dope as hell indeed.

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