Trust Central Website Launch, 17 June 2007

17 06 2007

TRUSTTrust Central
TRUST (The Racial and Religious Unity Steering Committee) Central is a committee in Central Singapore CDC which champions racial harmony programmes.

TRUST Central aims to be the common point for exchange of information, best practices and resources among the many other like-minded organisations that are working to promote racial harmony. TRUST Central aims to be a catalyst to add value to the efforts of like-minded organisations, as well as to provide inputs where appropriate.

Also an initiator of programmes towards a greater racial appreciation and understanding, TRUST Central organises a rich diversity of activities to encourage natural and meaningful interaction amongst our residents, regardless of ethnicity. These activities include celebrating and involving all in ethnic or religious festivals, as well as through arts and sports programmes.

On 17 June 2007, Skratch was proud to be part of the operations community in organising the physical event of the Trust Website Launch. Our Preisident of Singapore, Mr S.R. Nathan host a dialogue session with youths of different races and from different walks of life.

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