Da Brat’s B-Day

29 05 2007


If most of you hip-hop heads don’t know who Dabrat is, she is the tomboyish/bisexual rapper who was Jermanie Dupri’s 1st female rap act (Ed notes: I still have a huge crush on her). She appears in the Surreal Life and is the younger sister of Lisa Raye (Playa’s Club). Even though she is busy appearing on reality TV shows, she is steadily gaining reptutation as a “ghostwriter” for alot of rappers these days.

Although it is not often known or disclose what goes on in the lesbian or gay community of Hip-Hop, we manage to get some exclusive insight to what goes on in this scene.











2 responses

10 07 2007
Gregory Pritchett

DaBrat is not the sister of lisa Raye REAL NAME Lisa McCoy
I Know I used to go with lisa in High School ,I went to Mendel Prep and She went to unity and Long wood in Chicago .

5 08 2007
Lisa Graham Boyle

I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read.

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