Book of Rhymes ~ Dipset, Dipset, Dipset

26 05 2007


The Pink Panther of Rap, the one who made metrosexuals in Hip-Hop look cool. Although many consider Camron not much of a lyricist, Camron actually created a somewhat catchy while at the something braggy sort of rhyme pattern which is entertaining.

While many would be catch up in the hype of wearing pink and still bragging about being a thug, Camron did one thing to enhance (wouldn’t say improve) Hip-Hop but adding elements which is missing for a while. What are they, u might add? The elements are Fun & Comedy.

With Hip-Hop sometimes taking itself to serious at times, the fun and entertainment factor (besides all those story book gangsters rhyming about how they got it bad in the hood or how many cars or girls they have) is seriouslly lost.

Given a sample of Camron’s rhyme book below, how many writers/rappers (especially in Singapore) can honestly say they maintain the basic rhyme and poetry of Emceeing?

Despite not being in the same mind frame when he wrote Confession of Fire (Untertainment 1998), Camron does bring in wittiness to combat the lack of content in his rhyming of late.

Beef or no beed as he said, it is all about the paper.





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