Who Got Next?: The Cool Kids

19 05 2007


Hailing from Chi-Town, the fun-loving cousin of the Clipse (No Relations but they bare a similar smooth laidback style of rhyming) is one of a few other rappers who is bringing back the good times of the 80s Hip-Hop. Currently signed to Atrak’s new label Fool’s Gold (alongside Kid Sister), expecting some club thumping and head-nodding beats of the year from this duo.






5 responses

9 08 2007
Kidd Fresh

Yo this is the DOPEST group out there right now n will b for a min…if ya aint heard bout ’em ya betta tune in cause they nice…they what is gonna keep hip hop alive…..

-J.Haynes aka Kidd Fresh
Stay Fresh///Live Dope

22 09 2007

the one in the purple is cute i dunno which one is mickey or chuck.

30 09 2007
Nasha Benson

I think the Cool Kids are so fuckin’ dope I mean their style is so unique and different it’s like a 80’s type thing goin on with them. Their beats are hard and i like the way they carry themselves, I hope to hear and see more of them.

28 11 2007

i love the cool kids so much i swear im prolly derr biggest fan out here.

11 12 2007
80's Baby

Bringing the “80’s back

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