Who Got Next?: Amy Winehouse

19 05 2007

Amy Winehouse

What do you get when you combine silky vocals of Lauryn Hill and the eccentric behaviour of Bjork? Amy Winehose.

The moment I heard “Rehab” of her 2nd album Back to Black (2006), I intiallythought it was L-Boogie’s latest single. Similar blues & jazz peppered the single as well as the similarity in the voice of AMy Winehouse to L-Boogie.

Amy Winehouse
I belive why most people love “Rehab” is because it is something which any recovering addict can relate to as well as the easy sing along of the single.

Amy Winehouse
To only further emphasize her star power, Jay-Z insisited that he does a remix with her thus showing the allure of the eccentric one.
Amy winehouse
A recovered alcoholic as well as a bulimic, she is steadilygaining crediblity in the R&B as well as the the Electro/Disco scene.

Choosing only Mark Ronson (Producer for Ghostface) and Salaam Remi (Producer for Fugees & Nas) to work with, Back to Black is a blend of R&B & Jazz mix with the up to date hip-hops beats.

I choose her anyday over Joss Stone in terms of her music.

Rehab Remix ft Jay-Z:



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