DJ Craze

14 05 2007


An extremely gifted Turntablist as well as a Party-Rocking DJ, DJ Craze have been killing every way he could with DJing as well as pioneering all sorts of new styles and battle tools. It is amazing that he done it all and he had cemented his Legend status despite just being 27yrs of age.

I remembered being mesmerised when he won the DMC 1998 and I was watching the DMC video over and over and over until it spoiled. He definately brought out the best in all the other Turntablists to come and battle him for his crown from 1998-2000 and innovate the already insane team routine he had with the Allies and Scratch Peverts.

In 8 August 2005, it was a dream come out when he graced Zouk Singapore for the DMC Finals. He basically killed in all aspects from showmanship to musicality. He continued to graced the shores of Singapore for the following years until present 2007.

Big Ups to the Craze man with his future collaborations with ATrak, Kid Sister and gang.


Check out some vintage CRAZE footage including one when he was 14yrs Old in 1994:




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17 05 2007

we already linked you at

appreciate if you’d return the favour 8)

gd day


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