Who Got Next?: Sean Price

11 05 2007

Sean Price

While many Singaporean Hip-Hop “listeners” and “supporters” are up in the club looking fly or perhaps listening/supporting some cheesy dangdut crap emcee performing on stage with his computer downloaded beats, who should instead “freestyle” all his rhyme at a booth in KBOX, a hungry lyrical veteran is steadily sweating in the booth, writing and rhyming like it was the last supper of his life.

Ladies & Thugs (with them corny spinners, doo-rags and MC Hammer Ali Baba pants), let me introduce to you the Jesus Price Supastar .

Not many might have known who he is but if you are a STAN, he is a member of the Boot Camp Click who is a label owned and operated by Buckshot the B.D.I Thug (Black Moon) & Dru Ha.

Part of the supergroup called Fab 5 which includes O.G.C and Heltah Skeltah, Ruckness Monster has now converted into a successful solo career as an Emcee named Sean Price.

Upon dropping his 1st album “Monkey Barz”, I listened and marvelled with his hunger to prove himself and his craft despite being in his mid-thirties. 1st thing I obeserved was him ditching his monotone robotic flow which he rhymed when he was in BCC. In its place is a hunger, battle emcee who beats the tracks into retreat. A fairly decent album even though lacks in consistancy in his overall albums to make it a stand-out as in all good emcees (e.g: Canibus, Ras Kass) it is his choice of beats which was a letdown.

When his second album “Jesus Price Superstar” came out, I was even more impress with his second album attempt as a solo artiste. As I believe maturity enchances an Emcee, Sean Price viciously rapes the tracks but the same time was able to rhyme sensibly for the slower jazz influenced beats by 9th Wonder. With featured guest appearances from Rock, Buckshot,Flood, Ruste Juxx, Sadat X, Steele, Skyzoo, Phonte, Chaundon and Block McCloud, this is a certified NY Banger for young scholars to study his rhymes while at the same time bang this CD in their Lex, Coupes. the Beemers and the Benz.

A Emcee whose lyrical skills and mic presence has since attracted the attention of Jay-Z considering to sign on and distribute his 3rd album under Island Def Jam, I heed all you Down South Hip-Hop listeners and Dangdut Crap Platformers to listen to his rhymes and beats.

Perhaps you could learn a thing or two about Hip-Hop

Peep him for the 2007, y’all heard?

Sean Price




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