A-Trak: Sunglasses Is A Must DVD

1 05 2007

Ed’s review:

The video biography of the boy wonder of turntablism is a comical and colourful journey through the eyes of the talented young Alain Macklovitch. This DVD chronicles the raise of DJ A-trak from Turntablist Demi-God in the DJ Battle scene to Hip-Hop Royalty slicing & dicing behind the wheels of steels for Kanye West.

What is captivating about this DVD which I have watched compared to other Turntablist/Skratch DJs video biography is its editing and also playful theme. Funny and cute because I do at least understand their jokes, comical pranks but most importantly their dialogue unlike the other Turntablists who tend to portray themselves too seriously.

While most Turntablist would just cut & paste and just throw personal footages of their travel alongside their battle routines, Atrak added humour and also comedy to enliven his DVD, showing that he too can laugh at his own self and his jokes.

But don’t get me wrong though, this awesome DVD also showcases his serious demeanour towards his craft and music which includes his practise time with THE ALLIES, jamming sessions with Money Mark & Peanut Butter Wolf.

It also brought back Turntablist nostalgia when the DJ BATTLE scene was at the height of its popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000.

A must have for all turntablist geeks such as myself out there.

Extra Highlights of DVD:

Battle Sets dating as far back as 1997 until present



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